Environmentally aware in all areas

We attach great importance to continually strive to offer environmentally friendly products and services that meet customers’ needs with respect to functionality, economy, safety and environmental impact.

The Brewery has for many years worked actively with environmental issues. This means that we are ecolabelled. We always strive to reduce the negative environmental impact of our events and conferences and make informed choices. We encourage practices that minimize the environmental impact of our efforts to contribute to a sustainable society and our goal to become one of Stockholm’s most sustainable conference facilities.

News 2016 We are very proud that our ecolabel has been upgraded to include the entire conference facility. The certification covers everything from energy consumption, choice of suppliers, chemicals, food, sorting, etc.
News 2016 We have replaced all our canned / bottled mineral water toward taps from Still Sparkling
News 2016 A goal this year is to strive for less paper use. We digitize paper processes and sends electronic invoices.
News 2016 Our guests will have the opportunity to sort their waste.
News 2016 April 8, 2016, we arrange a breakfast seminar for our partners and customers with the theme of sustainable events.
Jens Dolk from restaurant K-marked tips on innovative methods to reduce food waste. Fredrik Holmstedt, Production Manager at Luger, talks about the concept of the Way Out West, and how to calculate the environmental impact of events. For this we offer a an eco-breakfast put together by our chef Claes Hedlind. Read more here
News 2015 May 9 to 15, the internal environment week aimed at broadening our understanding, find new inspiration and become a greener facility.
The week ends with a breakfast seminar for customers and partners May 8 theme sustainability.